Monday, December 15, 2014


Beau.... what else can I say, he is a cutie patootie...  and he loves taking the ornaments off of the tree!

An Early Christmas with Alex...

We started off Sunday morning with having our Christmas with Alex.  He bought his sisters each a movie and they were stoked.  They then gave him their presents along with ours.  He was very happy to get his 2 stocking hats that he has been begging for along with some new clothes and a book about Sarcasm, lol.  His most favorite of course was his new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Pajamas.  He has to model them for us.  It was a great day, we are looking forward to Santa coming this year!

Baptism 12/13/14

We finally decided to get the girls Baptized this past Saturday after evening mass.  We are so proud of our girls.  They were very excited to become part of Sacred Heart.  We were very thankful for our family and friends that could be there to help us celebrate this event. 
Nick Sawyer & Amy Brogden are Gracie's Godparents
Travis Brogden & Kirsten Smith are Lucie's Godparents
We are very happy with our choice of Godparents for the girls.  It was a great night.  We all attended Church together and then the Baptism Ceremony followed.  We then headed to Colorado Grill to have dinner together.  Thank you soo much to everyone!!